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Shield North of Limlight: Mellon-Amroth, still Dec. 15

"Liornung, you speak as a loyal friend." Amroth considered the three riders, pressing his thoughts into the wild boy's mind as he did so.

Ędegard, giver of cloak, blanket and Echo, with fellowship and loyalty to match. Liornung, cheerful, warm, open, kind. Lady Bellyn, quiet, caring, thoughtful, and sweet-voiced.

A little of the boy's fear subsided.

Amroth spoke again. "Liornung, I have no desire to sleep. Sleep brings me no rest; only dreams: dark, pressing, heavy and wearying dreams, cavernous dreams without wind or sky or breath. Good friend, I do not desire sleep."

He swayed in the saddle as he spoke. The wild boy urged his lanky chestnut closer to him, reaching as if to catch him.
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