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White Tree North Gondor, Ravion's Ramblers: Mellonin, Dec. 17

Under Reafindan's watchful eye Gwillion began to smile, the dog began to wag his tail.

Mellonin sighed with relief and turned to her blankets. In moments they were rolled and tied. Then catching Aeron's eye, she raised one eyebrow.

He stood, and began rolling his blankets.

Raefindan was still with Gwillion and Jorje. Mellonin rolled his blankets and tied them, and picked up his water bottle to fill it for him.

Aeron was almost done with his own packing, but wth a sigh, he realized he would have to pack for Gwillion too, and fill both their bottles. Ravion watched out of the corner of his eye as Mellonin directed Aeron with a glance, a gesture, or a nod.
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