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Originally Posted by Brinniel
Thank you. And hopefully I won't be disappearing again anytime soon.

I'm sad to see that so many BDers have disappeared during my absence. Tigerlily, Arien, Sophia, and Mattius to name a few....

Ith- I'm hoping that you didn't just come on the BD for a few days and then leave again. If that's so, well, I gonna have to come after you. I know where you live.....
Originally Posted by Aylwen Dreamsong
Arien, Sophia, and Mattius to name a few....

All great writers. Sorely missed in the RPG forums...


And LePetitChoux too, I'm grieved to mention

I didn't know her really...but when I was in Québec this weekend I was constantly thinking about her screen name. Little Cabbage...

Originally Posted by Brinnel
Members I dearly miss: Amanaduial, dragoneyes, Ithaeliel, Mattius, Vanima, and Auriel. I RPGed with all of them at least one time and miss writing with them.

Also, what has ever happened to Beren87, Raefindel, Arien, Alkanoonion, GaladrieloftheOlden, Gorwingel, and LePetitChoux? I have not seen any of them since I came back in June.

Finally, most wouldn't remember her, but Nevfeniel was always a friendly member of the Downs- I believe she was one of the first to welcome me when I first joined. She hasn't been around for at least three years. It was always a pity to see her disappear...
Hey guys, nice to see you didn't forget me!
I've been out of the Tolkien world for a while reading other things and this site kind of slipped off my radar but I'm back (chickenless unfortunately) but back nonetheless
A problem shared is a problem halved, so is your problem really yours or just half of someone else's?
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