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Ishkur chewed the plump donkey rump he held with great satisfaction. The slab of meat, thick and tender, dripped red blood down Ishkurs chin as he ate. Ishkur savored the taste of meat in his mouth for the first time since they left camp. His suggestion to look for travelers to steal food from was indeed paying dividends. Now everyone will take a keen interest in my ideas for the group, he thought with pleasure. I will be a leader.

In the middle of his delicious meal, Ishkur sensed someone come up behind him and then leave suddenly as if they were afraid of being seen. Such trifling interruptions did not disturb Ishkur in the middle of his much loved meal. Later on, after he had finished eating the meat and began to gnaw on a bone, Ishkur noticed a bundle of dried meat, loaves of travel bread, and what looked like a tuber stacked neatly next to him. Ishkur looked around curiously and wondered who could have left this food for him. A large group of orcs had gathered nearby grabbing at the leftover bones so it was hard to tell which one had done this.

Ishkur had no particular ties with anyone in the group except for Gwerr so he could not imagine anyone who liked him enough to give him food. Although not completely full, Ishkur decided to store the package of food for later in case they came to a place where pack animals for stealing were not so plentiful. This food could last a long time on the journey and he could eat it when he needed to.

While thinking about the mysterious orc who had left him food, Ishkur remembered giving the two sisters meat from his donkey. Maybe, he thought, they had decided to give him some of their own food in return. Ishkur did not exactly know how to respond to this, as no one had ever done anything like this for him before. But then Ishkur could also not recall a time when he had given out food of his own free will to anyone else. What changes had crept up on him, being out here on the road even for just a few days? Although he could not bring himself to thank them for their gift, not even for such a precious thing as food, he made a note in his mind. From now on, he would try not to think so badly of these sisters and maybe even help them when he could. Ishkur forced himself to admit that, although they could be annoying, female orcs were not completely rotten.

At least the sisters had not been as thin skinned as his old comrade Gwerr. The latter had been in a foul mood and seemed to avoid him. Gwerr seemed to forget the fact that it had been Ishkur who suggested they raid the camp. Suddenly he heard Gwerr bellowing from across the compound about leaving immediately. With a resigned grunt Ishkur marched over to him, determined to settle the problem once and for all.

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