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1. Dwarves have never taken to these.
Isildur's Bane: It betrays in the roundest manner.
Silmarils: Narnian prince begins to reside in hobbit dwellings? Such a mingling! See them shine!
4. Heavenly start to December contrives to shield a mariner’s sword.
Emerald: Leader in disarray gains a thousand: a jewel to adorn a steersman.
6. Lalaith in the dark land? Serves quarrellers right, some might say!
Lamps of the Valar: Objects of heavenly beings impersonating Miss Nightingale?
Arkenstone: Sounds like Noah’s vessel cast in granite! Resplendent thing.
Night of Naught: Day’s opposite becomes null, in song.
10. Happy days, and light ones.

10: I think 'Days of Bliss' might actually be another name for the answer I'm looking for, so you are very close.

6. There is something that Gandalf says will be their only reward if they quarrel.
"Sit by the firelight's glow; tell us an old tale we know. Tell of adventures strange and rare; never to change, ever to share! Stories we tell will cast their spell, now and for always."

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