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Matches: Dwarves have never taken to these.
Isildur's Bane: It betrays in the roundest manner.
Silmarils: Narnian prince begins to reside in hobbit dwellings? Such a mingling! See them shine!
C: Heavenly start to December contrives to shield a mariner’s sword.
Emerald: Leader in disarray gains a thousand: a jewel to adorn a steersman.
Laughter of Mordor: Lalaith in the dark land? Serves quarrellers right, some might say!
Lamps of the Valar: Objects of heavenly beings impersonating Miss Nightingale?
Arkenstone: Sounds like Noah’s vessel cast in granite! Resplendent thing.
Night of Naught: Day’s opposite becomes null, in song.
Years of the Trees: Happy days, and light ones.

" 'Come, come!' said Gandalf. 'We are all friends here. Or should be; for the laughter of Mordor will be our only reward, if we quarrel.' "

(When they have to hand over their weapons at Theoden's halls and Aragorn does not want to hand over Anduril). (In fact, he has a bit of a tantrum about it, is told he can hand it over or fight everyone in the hall alone, and Gimli says 'Not alone,' or something very similar).

I think I remember it most because of Michael Hordern's voice.
"Sit by the firelight's glow; tell us an old tale we know. Tell of adventures strange and rare; never to change, ever to share! Stories we tell will cast their spell, now and for always."

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