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Character/player list so far:

Male Elves
  • Novnarwen – Tanroth
  • Elennar Starfire – Dunnaire
  • Elfwine – Solondil
  • Jack – Erfalas
  • ElentariGreenleaf – Imthôlion
  • Nilpaurion Felagund – Rostion (pending edits to his profile/first post)

Female Elves
  • Orofaniel – Firiel
  • Enif – Erkaliel
  • Tinuviel of Denton – Arilewen (pending receiving her profile/first post)

Nova and Oro

Once you have every thing in to your satisfaction, then decide on the order of the players’ posts to go up after your 3 opening posts. And put the list in order by player’s name, here on the Discussion Thread. Then, I’ll place them on the Game thread, and open it for you.

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