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I don't expect the film to be perfect. But from what I have seen so far, I expect it to be good. Probably even very good. I was never disappointed by the films, so I know I will enjoy the third. But then again, what others call a good film is often not my idea of a good film, so I may end up regarding it as merely adequate.<BR>Nobody can match up to the original. But some adaptations can prove to be more to a person's taste. I prefer films to book versions, so naturally I will enjoy Rotk more than I would the book.<BR>I don't pick apart the films. I have a highly open mind, and I can easily accept the changes made from book to film. I have no expectations of the film. I just know I enjoy the story, and I want to see the end of it.
'The Hobbit' 1st impressions: 1. Thorin is hot... Oh god, I fancy a dwarf. 2. Thranduil is hotter. 3. Is that... Figwit! 4. Does Elijah Wood never age?
2nd: It's all about Fili & Kili, really. 3rd: BARD! OMG, Bard.
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