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ok, I'm going to give my opinion on both already released movies and what I hope for/expect from RotK. I think FotR was a wonderful adaptation of the book. Yes, there were changes made, but I can see good reasons for most of those. TTT was a great movie, but they did stray from the book a bit more than they should have. The thing that gets me the most if Faramir's character. Why did they change him?? He'd better be more like himself in RotK!! Oh, and I hope Arwen was just leaving for Lothlorien or something like that, with no intention going to Valinor. So I hope in RotK they show that she never wavered in her decision to stay with Aragorn. I hope they stick to the book as much as possible in RotK. The thing I'm most anxious about seeing is probably the ending. I hope they do that right, and follow the book! From what I've seen in the trailer and the preview, I think it will be a great movie, and that I will absolutely love it. Hopefully I will come away from the theatres thinking about how wonderful it was, how great the ending was, and how closely they followed the book. We shall see in less than 8 weeks!! <BR>Arwen
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