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When I first heard that there was going to be a LotR adaptation, I was apprehensive. Personally, I thought it would not work well and would tank. This worried me more than having a completely faithful adaptation as I knew most of the people seeing this film will not have read the books and this would be what they would draw their opinion of Tolkien from.<P>I wasn't into spoiling at that time. I've been doing that only since Towers came out. My usual practice when there is a movie out there that I know I'll want to see is to avoid everything, including trailers. Though as the date of the release drew near I saw a clip of McKellen's Gandalf and my opinions began to change. I distinctly remember first seeing the shot of Gandalf cresting a hill with Orthanc in the background and thinking, my God, they got it right!<P>My anticipation began to grow and when the film finally was released, I did something I had never done before. I went to see it by myself. My wife and I didn't know how appropriate it would be for our kids (then 5 and 9) and I didn't know when the chance would come otherwise. I ended up with a Friday afternoon off work and it became obvious how I should spend it.<P>The film far exceeded my expectations. I never once expected the plot to remain completely faithful and had already figured the Arwen replacing Glorfindel scene (Arwen at the ford was a common shot in the trailers). I was completely mesmerized. I went home and told my wife she had to see it. That weekend, we went to visit my folks for the holiday and she went to see it with my brother and his daughter while I took the rest of the kids to Jimmy Neutron. I definately wanted to see the film again (very unusual for me - I was 13 when Star Wars came out and saw each of that series only once, even though I was a fan).<P>Although far from a let down, Towers was not quite the experience that Fellowship was. Maybe it was the heightened expectations, or just that it couldn't be as fresh and original as its predecessor, but the changes threw me a bit this time. In hindsight, I began to understand them, but sitting in the theatre, I was a smidge uncomfortable with them.<P>This time I'm going in eyes wide open. I think I could have guessed at many of the changes in Towers if I had decided to wrap my head around them, so this time I'm into the spoiling thing (LotR is bringing out all my unusual movie behaviour ).<P>What do I expect from King? I expect it to be better than Fellowship or Towers. The story alone would have had that. I know that this was the film that PJ wanted to make all along. The others were prelude. Do I think it will be what I would consider the best film I've ever seen? Frankly, I doubt that. Neither Fellowship nor Towers are my favourite movies (though Fellowship would be in the top ten). Considering how much I prowl this board, that may surprise some of you, but my typical taste in movies drift more towards the quirky than the mainstream. Personally, my favourite movie of 2002 was Adapatation, not Towers. LotR is an exception in many ways, I guess. It would be the only blockbuster on my top ten list.<P>Are these successful adaptations of the book? My God, yes.<P>H.C.
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