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Buttercup came down the stairs to the kitchen, her shawl pulled tight about her shoulders. The morning air was chilly, and she could not wait to get into the warmth of the kitchen. Ruby was already up; she had started a small fire in the cooking grate and hung the kettle over it to boil.

While Buttercup made a pot of tea for the two of them, Ruby got out the basket of fresh eggs from the chicken coop and set out the ham from the pantry on the cutting board to be sliced. Tea warming their bellies as they worked, the two Hobbits began slicing the morning’s loaves for toast, and heating up the great cast iron skillets for frying the thick ham slices and the scrambled eggs.

Two of the Inn’s early morning servers had come in, and Buttercup handed them the trays filled with pots of jam and honey, the crocks of sweet cream butter, and the salt and pepper mills. They went into the common room and set the tables with them, then brought out the eating utensils in a large basket and began setting the tables for breakfast.

Soon the Common Room was filled with the scent of a sturdy Shire breakfast. The enticing smells of crisped ham and fresh toast wafted from the kitchen and up the stairs to the guests’ rooms. And soon the sounds of boots, shoes, and bare feet came trudging down the steps, their owners following their noses to the food.


Please note: It is now morning time in the Inn and breakfast is being served.

The party is over and the tired staff of the Inn would appreciate any who might want to grab a broom, a mop to clean the floors; move the tables and benches back where they belong, take down the decorations, whatever you can ‘see’ that needs to be done.

~*~ Piosenniel, Shire Moderator
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