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Saruman the fool

It really just shows how foolish Saruman has become: in his reckoning, the loss of power in Middle Earth that Galadriel and the Elves now face is terrible; for a long time (until she was tested by Frodo) Galadriel would, I think, have agreed with him. But now, having forsaken the Ring and the desire for power, she and the other Elves have acknowledged that dominion in Middle Earth is really not worth very much, in the end, and that the real good is to accept their place in the West. I mean, lets face it, they get to spend the rest of their immortal lives with the Valar! Saruman, still embroiled in his idea that power is the only good, sees no value in their journey...and that's his great tragedy.

The irony of his statement is apparent: he is happy that the others are houseless now, but Gandalf has never had a home (except his true home in the west), never having given way to the illusion that dominion in this world is of any real value.
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