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1) The title we used so far was ‘The Legend of Amroth and Nimrodel’. And I agree that we should keep that. But may be we should indicate that we changed it from Tolkiens original.

2) Thanks again for pointing these out.

3) Yes such changes are in the scope of the project, so I agree to the change. But the editing should be a bit different (we never use to points in an editing mark):
… Then he told her of the haven in the south, AN-SL-08.55<Pauline Baynes’ map Edhellond, >where many of his own people had come long ago. …
4) Okay, but I suppose:
… Of what befell Nimrodel nothing is AN-SL-08.57{said here}[known for sure], though there were many legends concerning her fate.
5) Agreed.

6) Yes, I as well think this is fortunate decision.

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