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Glirdingo thought of what Eomeléo had said. It is true that they were few. But he knew that he, Arianna and Marieme would be able to take care of themselves. He also knew of the stubborness of Dwarves and their bravery. Darin shall be alright... Valesseka and Eomeléo himself...Well, they've both been through much hardship. I am sure we will be fine.

He walked out of the Inn behind Darin and towards the stables. Before he got to the horse that would be his (which he named Léoflic), he went over to Eomeléo. "I have ben pondering what you said in the Inn. I know that you, Darin, Valesseka and myself can all take care of ourselves and you may be worried about Arianna and Marieme. But don't be. They can take care of themselves. And I will be there to look after them. But I do share your concerns about their numbers. But we will deal with that later. For now, let us ride,"

He went over to Léoflic, hopped up on the horse. "Come, let us ride!" With that, he rode off in the direction of the Gap of Rohan, not knowing what to expect on this jorney.
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