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The other elven woman pulled her horse closer to Buinn and Valesseka with a soft smile and started inquiring about her. "You're Valesseka right?" asked Marieme, "Sorry, I just like to try to remember the names of the people that I travel with. And I'm pretty poor with names. So I apologize in advance if I ever mess it up. Where are you from?"

"Erm, yes." What was it that Gil-fellow called this one? "Marieme, correct? My name is fairly easy to remember" Valesseka half-boasted to herself, figuring that it had to do with remembering her 'gorgeous' face. "I'm"

A farm in some obscure little village to the North. Valesseka wiggled uncomfortably in the saddle trying to find some way to glorify her past for the elves. "You've probably never heard of it" the Arnorian smiled sweetly, putting on her best show-face. "But how about you? You look as if you've probably seen a good many interesting things."

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Eomerleo lagging further and further behind. To her, he looked unsure of the horse. Being who he was, she suspected perhaps his new stead wasn't quite up to par with those he normally rode so he didn't trust it. Then again, Eomerleo was doing a good bit of wobbling on his own... When he finally looked at the rest of the party Valesseka, flustered, smiled bashfully back at him before focusing back on the party's path.
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