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"Aye" proclaimed Éomeléo, "Isengard is a famous place indeed. made by Giants, they say; although who 'they' are I was never told. I regret to say, Master Dwarf, that I have no map but the one in my head. Nevertheless, stay beside me and you should not get lost too badly.

Dárin looked ever-so-slightly reassured.

After a few minutes, Éomeléo stopped. When Dárin asked what the matter was, the young man spoke in a mystified voice.

"My friend, where are the others? We've barely started this quest and we're already separated from them. Weren't Valesseka and one of the Elves ahead of me earlier? How could this have happened?" How could I be so careless with her... he muttered.

"Deceits of the enemy, Éomeléo?"

"There can be little doubt, Dárin. We must find the rest as soon as is possible."
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