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In Arthedain, near the hills of Evendim

"You lied to me, you filthy little creature" she shouted. Her voice echoed in the stony hall.

She ascended from her platform all but gracefully. Her anger was so thick you could almost see a boling orange aura around her. She snatched a knife from the redhead, who did not protest.

She took a few more steps until she was standing in front of the dwarf. She put her disgust and fury in every single inch her head was higher than his and looked down to him as he was a snail she was about to crush. Hand trembling from anger, she slashed the dwarf with the knife.

Though she was skilled with a knife, she was not in the best state to attack anyone and the dwarf was aware that the cut was coming. He dodged it easily, though the big man was holding him.

Both the big man and the redhead very wary and anxious, looking at the woman as to catch a hint of what she would do next. Only the fair-haired man seemed to be at ease. "Cilia, I think that's enough. We should show him we have control over him, not the other way around", he said looking the woman straight in the eye. Her eyes narrowed as if saying "I'm the boss, keep that in mind", but she nodded.

She took a long breath and looked at the dwarf. "Tell me where it is", she hissed, leaning closer,"and no lies this time."

Oh, how I wish to spit on her ugly face, Thin-Gloomy thought. He tried to keep his dislike from his face. He wasn't going to tell her anything. He made no reply.

"Where is it?!" Oh good, this seems not to be one of her best days. I wonder if she's suffering from some feminine problems, Thin-Gloomy reflected, fighting the urge to say it aloud. He remained silent.

"Are you mute?" her tone was less angry, but a lot more dangerous. Again, he made no reply. "We can make you, if you wish", she continued. "Then you would get no response from me, my lady", Thin-Gloomy said in an overtly courteous manner. There was a flash of anger in her eyes.

The gang leader turned to her freckle-faced minion. "Jack, now cut his finger off and if he lies we'll cut his whole hand", she said coldly. The redhead came closer, fingering his knife.

This time she won't take my words as the truth as easily
, Thin-Gloomy thought. He had a strategy in mind, however.

"Stop. Don't come closer", he told the bandit with the knife. "If you cut anything off me, I will not tell you anything. Anything. Ever."

The bandits exchanged nervous glances. They did not want to let the dwarf into a position where he could dictate the terms, but they were hungry for the treasure and did not dare to risk it.

"Take him back to his cell", the woman ordered with her shrill voice, "and see you don't leave him untouched. Remember, he said nothing about bruises, all he said was about cuts." She grinned maliciously and sent them away.


Everything was aching. Thin-Gloomy could hardly sleep. However, one good thought sailed in his mind and he grasped it. Two for me, zero for them this far.
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