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Glirdingo rode up through the fog with Arianna and Marieme. "This is a pleasent surprise, you confounded doddlers! We thought we had lost you!"

"Somewhat north of the Gap of Rohan, wasn't it? Tharbad I mean. For that is our goal, hmm?" Darin had asked.

"Yes my friend, that is indeed where we are heading. However, I think for tonight, we rest here. It is much safer than travelling any further into this pea soup and risk getting seperated again. And possibly for good."

He held Arianna's hand squeezed it tightly to tell her that he wouldn't leave her. He brought Léoflic closer to her so he could be closer and keep an eye on her through the night.


The group had just arrived when they heard Darin, Eomerléo and Valesseka talking about the strange whispers in the wind. "Oh yes, I remeber those..." She thought. "Quite chilling to the bone in fact."

She shuddered slightly. It was at that moment that she felt Glirdingo beside her. She rested her head lightly on his shoulder and sighed deeply, wishing the moment could last forever.


Marieme watched as her dearest friends got closer together, and she smiled. She had always known it was bound to happen, and she was glad that it finally had.

She looked around at the rest of the group settling in for the long night ahead. "If you all would like, I could take first watch of the night. I am not tired, nor frightened and my Elven eyes can pierce this fog more than the rest of yours, discluding Arianna and Glirdingo that is."
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