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Erebemlin stood still and silent as the young guard shared his message. “Several ladies known to your company have vanished from Minas Tirith, and it was thought that they might have joined you.”

The lines in the Elf’s face tightened and he clinched his jaw. Would the madness never cease? What else would these insufferable humans do to stand in the way of his completing the King’s quest. “There are no women among us. I am sorry you have wasted your time in seeking us for we have not had contact with the women who were part of our company since we left the White City. You may find more reward for your efforts if you join your fellow rangers to the North and East.” Erebemlin wished to kill any talk of looking for the women before it began, but he could feel the wide eyes of the humans and their anticipation. “Now excuse me,” the tall elf nodded his head toward the ranger and turned away to finish unpacking the bags for the camp.
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