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"There is trouble. Grave, horrible trouble. Mellonin and Bellyn have gone. They've gone to the mountains that were sunk in grey to find the Lady Nimrodel."

Such were the words Aeron had spoken the previous day, words from his dream. And here they had come true. Raefindan considered. He had set his course with Mellondu because Amroth was in Mellondu, and Amroth searched for Nimrodel, with whom was Mithrellas; and Mithrellas was the Elvish wife of Imrazor; and Raefindan was himself, apparently, Imrazor, in a previous life.

Roy Edwards didn't believe in reincarnation, but this was not his time and place; Raefindan did not doubt that such a thing might perhaps happen in this time and place.

But if Gwyllion had dreamed of Mellonin, Argaleafa, and Bellyn, and had sought Aeron in a dream, so that they might learn of it, maybe Raefindan's place was not with Mellondu after all, but with Mellonin! She had been the one whom he had first met since he had come to this place .... from wherever he had come.

Raefindan looked at the child in the arms of the new Ranger, Bergil. He had been watching the tiny figure the whole while; he could not take his eyes from her for more than a moment. There was something about her, something he felt like he ought to know about this child. But how could that be? It made no sense; not that such a thing had ever been known to stop Raefindan before .... seemingly unconnected connections were his stock in trade.

Maybe, if Aeron decided that he would go in search of the women, Raefindan would go with him. After all, he was determined to see this quest through; not necessarily in this company, and now there was a new piece of the quest. It was something to think about, and not act upon right away.

And he had a gnawing sense that Angela was not far away. How odd. She was not in this time and place at all, but he could not shake the notion. Very strange.

"Aeron," said Raefindan finally, "I am not bound by any oath; rather, I am bound to this quest, regardless of which strand of it I follow. I'm not sure yet which strand I should follow."

"My quest," said Ędegard, "is with Mellondu, for it was to him that I bound myself."

"You must do as you must, Ędegard," Raefindan answered him, "and so must I." He was looking at the girl again. "Who is the girl? Has she a name?"
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