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Bergil frowned as Aeron asked if he knew where Indil's family lived.

"No," he said slowly. "I do not. That they are from somewhere in Lossarnach, I am fairly certain, but many dwell in Lossarnach, and there were no villages or farmsteads close enough to where I found her to make a guess. If I had weeks at my disposal, and took Indil through the entire province, perhaps she might recognise something, or be recognised herself, but otherwise I fear not."

"What of joining us, then?" pressed Aeron. Bergil shook his head slowly, a gesture more made of uncertainty than rejection.

"I hesitate to do so..." he said. "It seems an injustice to me to leave Indil thus separated from her family, who may be worrying much, and I don't like the idea of taking her into possible danger. I need to think further on this."

Aeron did not appear fully ready to accept Bergil's answer, but he said nothing, and gave the young ranger his space. But before Bergil's decision was made, Ădegard had a question.

"What news of TharonwŰ?"

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