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"We have our charge, Aeron," he had said to the young man. But his heart quelled. Leafa in danger! Out in the wild! Maybe alone? In his mind's eye he saw the fear in her blue eyes, the terror of being lost darkening the beauty of her face; his heart turned within him, and he wished with a strong desire to seek her out and give her comfort and succor. Then a new thought came to him, and shivers went down his spine.

He turned to the ranger and asked him, "What news of TharonwŰ, the elf that we brought to Minas Tirith? Is he still in prison?"

Bergil said, "I know not. It was not part of my charge to find out. Why?"

"Because he is a black traitor and he could have escaped."

"I doubt if he could escape the prisons of Elessar," Bergil asserted. "The Tower Guard watches them most vigilantly."

"Let us hope it is as you say," Ădegard answered. He had his charge, which was to follow Mellondu wherever he went. But what if Mellondu chose to hunt for the women; his very own sister?

"Mellondu! Your sister is in the wilds, maybe alone! Will you not look for her?"

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