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When Raefindan sought Indil, he found her sitting quietly on the ground, making a game of building patterns out of pebbles. He crouched next to her, studying her picture.

"I think I was wrong." she said unexpectedly, in a solemn voice Raefindan had come to associate with the girl.

"And just what is it that you were wrong about?" he asked with equal seriousness. She looked up at him with innocent eyes.

"I think the woman was not only one woman. But how could she be two?"

"Dreams are not always clear, little one. Do you remember what the woman was doing? Or," he corrected himself, "the women?"

She closed her eyes and wrinkled her forehead in concentration, clicking two small pebbles together in her lap. She opened her eyes again.

"The lady who called you Red of Edward said it hurt. But not when you were there. And I think she was not the same lady when Mellondu came and was unhappy. He asked her where to find something, I think. But I thought she might have been the same lady." Indil looked at Raefindan as though waiting for his approval. "They both waited to be alone until they cried." Her eyes were pleading. "The seemed like they were the same..."
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