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"Two women," Raefindan repeated, "and both very sad. And both much alike. What make you of that, Bergil?"

The Ranger had been polishing his sword as he watched over Indil. He looked up and tilted his head a moment in thought, then resumed polishing.

"I am a man of deeds, not dreams, Raefindan. I could not say."

"I had not thought of myself as a dreamer, friend Bergil; that honor would have gone to others where I come from." Images of his close uni friends flitted through his mind (he was startled by how out of place thought of them seemed, here in Minas Tirith). "But I do dream now that I am here, and all my dreams that I remember seem to be of a piece. And your dream, Indil, seems also to be like mine."

"Tell me your dreams!" The girl was eager, forgetting her pebbles. "Are they scary?"

"Yes, sometimes. And sometimes they are sad. I dream that I was someone who lived long ago, and I dream of his wife and children. Maybe one of the women you dreamed of was his wife, but that is merely guessing."
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