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After a while, Bergil relinquished Indil to Raefindan's care as the Ranger had duties amongst his fellows. Raefindan taught Indil a game called "railroad", but called it "pebbles in a row" instead. She liked making it up as she went whilst Raefindan tried hard not to over-strategize.

Aeron walked up toward noon, seeming rather bored. He came to a stop to watch what they were doing and became fascinated despite himself.

"Is it a game?"


"How do you play?"

"Would you like to join?" Raefindan asked.

"If I am welcome."

"What do you think, Indil? Shall we have Aeron join us?"

She looked up, grinned, and nodded. Aeron a smile and sat down with them.

While they whiled away the hours, it occurred to Raefindan that he wanted Aeron's thoughts on Indil's and his own dreams.

"So have you had any new dreams since we got back to Minas Anor, Aeron?"
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