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Originally Posted by Morthoron View Post
If someone, like Bilbo, for instance, were to offer an exaggerated version of their exploits, shouldn't their exploits be then exaggerated and not minimized, as they are in the film? When someone writes something autobiographical in nature, how often does the writer conflate other's roles and eliminate their own?
Yes the original comment includes this:
Originally Posted by Some person on Reddit
After seeing nearly all his belongings sold after returning home in the last movie, Bilbo probably felt disappointed that his life now meant nothing more to the residents of the Shire than it did when he left. To justify his long absence and appear more amazing to his fellow Hobbits, he sought to make the recording of his trip as fantastic as he could, turning each small detail into ordeals far larger and drawn out than they actually were, thus events which only filled a small book turned into three separate movies.
Which does leave one wondering... if he wanted to justify his long absence, why would he, as the films present, show himself doing virtually nothing while all the major events involved various Dwarves, Elves, one hundred and fifty year dead Orcs and so on?

Really what this fan theory achieves is to actually make the films' problems with tone and focus more apparent rather than offering a solution to them, in my view at least.
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