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Silmaril WWXIX: Ang Sagang Daga, Bow.


Moderator: Nilpaurion Felagund
Werewolves: Lhunardawen (Lover), Kath, Formendacil, SamwiseGamgee
Seers: dancing spawn of ungoliant, littlemanpoet
Ordinary Villagers: Farael (Lover), Garin, Anguirel, Eonwe, Eomer of the Rohirrim, the guy who be short, Glirdan, Celuien, Valier, tar-ancalime, Cailín, Caranlondien, Gurthang, Lalaith, Naria and Thinlómien

Order of Death:

Nilpaurion Felagund, the Prophet of the Mod God, was lynched by suspicious means on the first NIGHT.
Garin, an Ordinary Villager, was lanced like a boil on the the first DAY.
Anguirel, an Ordinary Villager, was massacred by were-hedgehogs on the second NIGHT.
Eonwe, an Ordinary Villager, was struck by lightning, struck by lightning! on the second DAY.
dancing spawn of ungoliant, a Seer, was taken away on the third NIGHT.
Kath, a Werewolf, was accidentally strangled on the third DAY
Lhunardawen, the Werewolf Beloved, died with his Lover on the third DAY
Farael, the Lover, died defending his Beloved on the third DAY
Eomer of the Rohirrim, an Ordinary Villager, was poked with woodwinds on the fourth NIGHT.
the guy who be short, an Ordinary Villager, was stuffed into a tree-frog on the fourth DAY.
Glirdan, an Ordinary Villager, was consumed by fire from the Mod God on the fourth DAY.
Celuien, an Ordinary Villager, was 'Freud' alive on the fifth NIGHT.
Valier, an Ordinary Villager, was eaten by SamwolfGamgee on the fifth DAY.
SamwiseGamgee, a Werewolf, was shot by Gurthang on the fifth DAY.
tar-ancalime, an Ordinary Villager, went to the future on the sixth NIGHT.
littlemanpoet, a Seer, was crushed by a boulder on the sixth NIGHT.
Formendacil, an Werewolf, had his head chopped off on the sixth DAY.

Result: Village victory (Cailín, Caranlondien, Gurthang, Lalaith, Naria and Thinlómien surviving).
フェンリス鴨 (Fenrisu Kamo)
You can't tell an ordinary man and a weirdo apart until they act.
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