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I've only been able to play twice, due to school hours and final papers and other such things, but it's made me admire the game much more. Almost as much as a good poppyseed muffin, which I hold in high esteem at any meal time.

Playing ability has been sadly, horrible.

Games: 2
Ordinary Villager: 1, and unfortunately thought to be too suspicious to be true.
Werewolf: 1, horrible really when the other two live in much different time zones.
Lived through: 0

I know, pathetic. But, there are some wonderful things I've gotten out of the two. The first one was a wonderful experience to excerise nose grinding logic until my head cracked. Also, it brought me to meet a new friend, and I'm sure the rest of you pretty much know from there. Plus, I ended up a lonely une poisson sandwich in the end, but oh was it fun to scheme with logic!

The second one, besides the time zone woes, really was horrible. I had to kill myself off because, my teacher decided to assign yet another thesis paper on the roll of 'evils' of human nature and their effect in selected classical and modern literature. Good thing is, I recieved 100% on overall understanding and writing of the subject. Also, I really enjoyed reading and watching how the game unfolded.

So, overall, I have not 'won' any of the games, but I have won wonderful experiences, memories and met and seen more of people. Plus, anticipation for when ever I can play again, or watch another game.
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