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Well, you can just ignore the title in bold ... Anyway, If you are brushed up on your ancient egyptian culture and religion you will know what "Ka" means. If you know this, you can understand why i put "THE" in bold
I was wondering if you were doing the Egyptian thing THE Ka, and I like saying your name in posts, THE Ka. Hehe, it's like The Cheat.
Ku, Ku, Ku!

My given name is Shannon. Feel special my fellow posters I don't reveal it to just any internet soul. It's the biggest River in Ireland and it means "Old One". My parents probably didn't know this, but I like it.

Ainaserkewen (Eye-Na-Serk-a-wen) from the name generator, means Maiden of the Holy Blood. I've always like the idea of being a kind of Merovingian when it came to heritage. I'm not, but I like to think I am.
Solus... I'm eating chicken again.
I ate chicken yesterday and the
day before... will I be eating
chicken again tomorrow? Why am I
always eating chicken?
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