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Originally Posted by wilwarin538
My screen name is also a constalation according to the Silm., Casseopeia (don't know if that's spelt right).

Ka I always thought that your name was from the movie " A fish called Wanda" (Monty Python), where the guy kept saying "the ka, the ka" but he couldn't say anything past that. I suppose I was mistaken.

Oh I love that movie!

Another thing that caught me off guard was when on an episode of The Simsons, Moe says, " I think I left my Ka back there". It was the episode were Homer tries to get into the Guiness book of World records, by playing a banjo with a snake... Then he moves on to having the world's tallest human pyramid, (using all of springfield of course...) and then it falls down (Homer was on top...) and the whole town rolls into a gigantic ball and lands on a giant scale... They end up being the fattest town. Moe always has been my favorite...
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í endaleysu tokuni?
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