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I'll bet that when Legolas was born (the character) his name had some kind of history or lineage. It wasn't just any old name out of a "What to name your baby book"

THE Ka, I must apologise for exposing you to this way of life. If you enjoyed your visit to the mythical, magical site of, then I fear you are doomed to revisit and join the ranks of the weekly new-stuff bandits.

*someone whispers* "It's .com"

Oh, sorry...It's Dot Com! And it's Dot Amazing how many people are such loyal fans with only word-of-mouth publicity. They don't allow people to advertise publically.

Just curious, how many people would change their screen names if they got a chance to?
Solus... I'm eating chicken again.
I ate chicken yesterday and the
day before... will I be eating
chicken again tomorrow? Why am I
always eating chicken?
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