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Vardamar, good going! Almost a quarter of the way there.

Regarding distance walked at home or at work, you could count it if you could measure it.

The reason I don't is that Frodo didn't get to either. The extra bits of distance he walked at Bree, or at Tom's house, or at any campsite (getting water, etc) didn't get him closer to Rivendell.

So if I am intentionally putting on some distance, like walking a couple of miles at noontime (which I do regularly, to clear my head. Core-clear, we used to call it...) then I count that. But running around the lab I don't count.

But that's just me. Some people do count that distance and if you want to, that's fine. The thing you want to watch for healthwise, is that the percentage of your walking should be weighted towards the distance work, for health reasons. Steady walking is better for you than fits and starts, although the fits and starts contribute. Make sense?

Anyway, I hike every morning in woods of some sort (either the local state park, or the back woods here in my neighborhood) and that usually gets me three to five miles; then add the two-to-three mile walk at noon, when I can take it (been too busy lately [img]smilies/frown.gif[/img] ) and it does add up.
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