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outline and preliminary discussions

&quot;I would make a comment however; you seem to be adding material
from sources that would\will contradict earlier material and needing
excessive deletion of material that would cause you problems in this
effort. Perhaps you should reconsider your earlier position on Myths
Transformed since the documents you are selecting are directly tied to,
based upon, and wedded with the later conception that IS Myths
Transformed &quot;

I am not suggesting all material from any given addition be added-only that which does not contradict the last conception [excepting Myth's Transformed]. I have seen others state this principle more succinctly, but I think I am getting my point across thus.

I would see a Myth's Transformed Silmarillion as a final version to be attempted as it would require such a great deal of rewriting or leaving of gaps that I would rather workwith a format that leaves the bulk of the 1977 edition intact and is mainly additions and a few deletions as absolutely necessary.

I agree w/ an opinion M.Martinez expressed once , although I have since seen him say otherwise , which is[paraphrased] that there is room for any # of approaches. A Myth's Transformed version and Aelfwine/Eriol version etc..

My ulterior motives I alluded to are simply that I would like to be able to read the tales w/ the maximum amount of detail and length . No big mysteries there.

In terms of working on a chapter what I had in mind was a group effort-although this may prove unweildy. Taimar and Mithadan have expressed certain amounts of interest in the past.

I would be most interested in reading anything you want to share. my email is

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