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Re: outline and preliminary discussions

Posted by Lindil
<blockquote>Quote:<hr> I would see a Myth's Transformed Silmarillion as a final version to be attempted as it would require such a great deal...<hr></blockquote>
As I said before; This is one approach. I would be willing to work with the idea, but have personal feelings that it is the wrong course of action. Perhaps an actual attempt might be made on the side to see just exactly how much is affected before absolute judgements are passed.
<blockquote>Quote:<hr> I agree w/ an opinion M.Martinez expressed once , although I have since seen him say otherwise...<hr></blockquote>
I believe earlier somewhere here that I stated where these elements were ultimately to be linked.
<blockquote>Quote:<hr> I would be most interested in reading anything you want to share<hr></blockquote>
Sure. I assume you have hard copy of the original epilogue versions to compare the integration with. You may express your opinion here [please do! One way or the other doesn't bother me, so long as it's honest] of your evaluation on the possibility and practicality to convincingly mesh seemingly alternate tacts while keeping the original intent very much intact; &gt;without&lt; writing new material; using this as a 'test' piece.

Posted by Mithadan
<blockquote>Quote:<hr> You can't start writing anything without deciding whether to include it because what JRRT wanted to change impacts upon the whole Legendarium, from Ainulindale to Earendil and beyond to Numenor.<hr></blockquote>
I believe that was the point I was mentioning earlier.
<blockquote>Quote:<hr> there are probably only a few formats which might work: (1) the chapter approach;<hr></blockquote>
I think this is what Lindil is suggesting.
<blockquote>Quote:<hr> (2) a tale of years approach (just occurred to me and may avoid copyright problems as well as the need to figure out how to rewrite whole segments of the Sil);<hr></blockquote>
A TOY was suggested earlier as a basis to begin this with.

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> (3) the annotation approach;<hr></blockquote>

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> (4) the encyclopedia approach (fit the issues into encyclopedia entries).<hr></blockquote>
Double icky.

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