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elves and men

I do picture along w/ durelen[if I understand him cor.] a sort of super "of the rings of power and the [second &] third age", not everything can be fit into this format [numenor would be specificaly excluded] , and I would guess that is 1 reason JRRT had ,essys, a tale of years and longer stories. However , a more fleshed out version seems def. possible containg the larger narratives [ galdriel, gladden fields, filled in by the TOY/ rings of power material. I personally find the TOY format very unsatisfying , and I wonder if he used it just to keep track of the many webs he was weaving simaltaneously?

This is an idea [of the rings 2/3 age] which,obviously has yet to be scrutinized closely.



finally found the gender bend! sorry D.

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