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Re: A project ? - revising the Fall of Gondolin

jallanite posed splitting the tale after Tuors comming to Gondolin. And then starting a new chapter. I think this is a very good idear! for two reasons: 1 there is a shift in the sourse of material, style ect. - 2 There is the timespan from Tuor entering Gondolin and the FoG proberly some 10 or 15 years in which much else happend in Beleriand. I for one would not have a problem with putting in at chapter or two that was not conserned with FoG - for instance The fall of Nargothrond was during this period of time.

I have not yet read all the has been written in this SILM Canon forum, but have it ever been suggested to make a &quot;Tale of Years&quot; in the end of a SILM Canon - like in the end of LOTR? I think it would be a good idear - though not a easy task.

Conserning the Balrogs - As I remember - in the earlier version Tuor is credited for slaying two (which I think has to be a bandoned) Secondly I remember Michael Martinez stating that JRRT changed his opinion on the number of Balrogs to only seven, which to me seems much more reasonable.

I have not yet HoME XII - is there anything in there on this subject?

I will not comment too closely on this topic before I have reread the full material available - but I intend to do so soon.

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