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Re: A project ~~~~Revising the Fall of Gondolin

p.189 HB ...led by Legolas Greenleaf of the House of the

looking legolas up in the name list on p.216 I
read:'named by the eldar there [in Tol Eressea]
So he has already been given a 'Quenya' name by JRRT!
there is then a reference to an extended note in I
wherein we read CRT saying <blockquote>Quote:<hr> 'the following Note is of
great interest' &quot;Laigolas =green-leaf,......legolast
i.e.keen-sight...but perhaps both were his names as the
gnomes delighted to give similar sounding namesof
dissimilar meaning, legolas-the ordinary form is a
confusion of the 2.&quot; <hr></blockquote>

So we are given 2 options that I can see [and I do not
excpect anyone to rely on me for linguistic skills!]

A 'quenya' - Laiqalasse'
or an uncorrupted 'sindarin' - Laigolas Legolast.
a third option could be just Laigolas -

this is different enough to pass my 'aesthet- o'meter'
test <img src=smile.gif ALT="">
other thoughts- please.


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