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A project ~~~~Revising the Fall of Gondolin

Regarding splitting the story into 2 chapters: Regardless of whether we actually do this, I don't think it's a solution to the style problems. That is, IF we break up the story, I think we should do it for reasons of the overall aesthetic sense of the book rather than as sort of a &quot;quick fix&quot; to the problems of splicing together II and UT. For a couple of reasons:

1. Even if we interpose another chapter (which I suppose would be some or all of the Ruin of Doriath/Nauglamir segment), we STILL have a stylistic problem. It'll be little less disorienting for the drastic change in style to occur at a chapter break rather than in the middle of a chapter; and the Lost Tales material will still feel rather out of place in the context of the whole book.

2. We still would have to alter the Lost Tales material to bring it in line with the later story (more on this below), and we'd still have a problem with the transition; there are rough notes for Tuor's riding to Gondolin and his meeting with Turgon in UT, which we'll have to try to work into the FoG narrative no matter where we put the chapter break.

I'm not saying I don't think that Tuor should be two chapters - I'm just saying that doing that wouldn't really solve our problem.

Anyway, I think probably the best way to use the FoG in II (and probably any other stuff from BolT or other early sources that we end up using anywhere) is to first agree on a detailed, canon outline of events, using the latest sources possible (77, X and XI, and sometimes the QS), then to follow the earlier narrative, altering it where we have conflicts. I've worked up sort of a rough outline for Tuor mostly from the 77 and from the Tale of Years in XI. Here it is:

1. The coming of Tuor to Gondolin - directly from UT
2. From notes in UT:
a. Tuor asks the name of the city and is told its 7 names
b. Ecthelion orders the sounding of the signal, and trumpets are blown on the towers of the Great Gate, echoing in the hills.
c. After a hush, they hear far of answering trumpets blown upon the city walls.
d. Horses are brought (a grey horse for Tuor); they ride to Gondolin
e. Description of Gondolin: Stairs up to its high platform, the great gate, mounds of mallorns, birches and evergreens, the place of the fountain, the king's tower on a pillared arcade, the king's house, the banner of Fingolfin
f. Turgon appears, &quot;tallest of all the Children of the World, save Thingol&quot; - description of his white and gold sword in a ruel-bone sheath
g. Turgon welcomes Tuor; Maeglin is seen standing on the right of the throne and Idril is seated on the left.
h. Tuor speaks the message of Ulmo (either in the hearing of all or in the council-chamber)
i. Ulmo's cloak vanishes
j. Explanation of why there is no queen in Gondolin (which I assum means the story of Elenwe dying on the Helcaraxe)
k. Emphasis when Tuor first sees Idril that he had known or even seen few women in his life - most of the women and all the children of Annael's company were sent away south; and as a thrall he had seen only the barbaric women of the Easterlings or unhappy slaves
3. Turgon ponders the counsel of Ulmo and remembers the words spoken to him at Vinyamar, but he is proud and does not heed the warning.
4. Tuor stays and lives in Gondolin
5. After 7 years, Tuor weds Idril and there is a feast
6. Earendil is born
7. Morgoth becomes aware of the region of Gondolin because of Hurin, and bends all his thought to its destruction; Maeglin is lost, taken prisoner by Orcs, and brought to Angband, where he buys his life by making a deal with Morgoth.
8. When Earendil is 7 years old, Morgoth looses upon Gondolin Balrogs, Orcs, wolves, and dragons
9. On a night of festival, the people of Gondolin see a red light in the hills in the north
10. The forces of Morgoth cannot be stayed until they are beneath the very walls of Gondolin
11. The battle (here is where the 77 has the least, and II can be used to fill in a lot of details):
a. Ecthelion fights Gothmog in the square of the King and they slay each other.
b. Turgon's tower is defended by the people of his household until it is overthrown
c. Tuor seeks to rescue Idril, but Maeglin has layed hands on her, and on Earendil. Tuor fights with Maeglin on the walls and casts him far out, and his body strikes the slopes of Amon Gwareth 3 times.
12. Tuor and Idril lead such remnants of the people of Gondolin as they can gather down the secret way; the captains of Angband know nothing of this passage and do not think that any fugitives would take a path north, to the highest mountains and the closest to Angband. Their escape is hidden by the fumes and smoke.
13. In Cirith Thoronath they are ambushed by Orcs and a Balrog. Glorfindel duels with the balrog and both fall into the abyss. Eagles come and drive back the Orcs, and Thorondor bears Glorfindel's body out of the abyss; he is buried.
14. Tuor leads them over the mountains and into the vale of Sirion; they flee southward to Nan-tathren and rest there. Then they make a feast in memory of Gondolin and Tuor makes a song for Earendil (which is found in IV)
15. Idril and Tuor depart from Nan-tathren (presumably with many or most of the rest of the fugitives) and go to the mouths of Sirion; there they meet Elwing and the fugitives from Doriath.
16. Morgoth thinks that his triumph is fulfilled, but by Sirion and the sea the remnants of Doriath and Gondolin mingle
17. Ulmo speaks to the Valar, urging them to aid the people of Beleriand, but Manwe is unmoved.
18. Tuor and Idril depart on Earrame.

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