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A project ~~~~Revising the Fall of Gondolin

I don't see a problem with the name 'Rog' as such - it is likely he would have changed it, but we do have examples of other primitive names that remained, e.g., Eol. And we have Sindarin names that end in -g (Forweg, for instance). Perhaps, then, we should leave it as it is, under the supposition that there is another root it's based on (though I have trouble imagining what root this might be; ROK- is given as 'horse').

Regarding balrog numbers: I agree that the thousands of balrogs were gone for good, and that their obvious increase in power was accompanied by a decrease in number. I'm just saying that the exact figure of 7 is not necessarily a firmly entrenched idea. A few reasons: 1. This is the only mention of that number; 2. Even the note itself uses the word 'probably'; 3. It looks like he later CORRECTED this figure to '3' - and 3 obviously doesn't work; 4. There still must be some that were killed in the War of the Powers.

Regarding dragons: I'd suggest we (obviously) eliminate the mechanical dragons, but remove the words 'of the brood of Glaurung' from CRT's version - it sort of implies a distinction between dragons that were of the brood of Glaurung and those that weren't.

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