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Well, thank Eru. I was afraid I'd have to edit "The Fairy Wife" and remove the dragon. Thanks, Mith; thanks, Saucie. You've taken a great load off my mind.

(At the grey mountain range on of Thror's map, doesn't it say "Here be dragons" or some such? Tsk, tsk, Sometimes I rely on the flimsiest evidence...)

"Far to the North are the Grey Mountains & The Withered Heath, whence came the Great Worms." Thorin also says, "And I know where Mirkwood is, and the Withered Heath where the Great Dragons bred."
Unfortunately, no age or time is given.

I guess my gut reaction is that due to Tolkien's passionate love of Fafnir, I can't imagine the professor leaving Fafnir with no descendants or relatives of any sort. Flimsy argument, I know.

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