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lindil has just left Hobbiton.

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Gwaihir: &quot; So as I understand it, lindil, I have to draw upon HoME texts, the
original work and my own knowledge to rewrite the bit of the chapter
where Morgoth enlists the help of Ungoliant and smites the two
Trees. Correct?

And I've just been struck by a terrible thought. As we all use
different writing styjes (I, for instance, like to decorate my
sentences quite a bit wheareas some will want to tell it more like it
is), and we are all writing different bits, won't our new Sil look rather
patchy? (nothing too major, really) &quot;

Lindil responds :In case there are any misconceptions , the goal as so far stated is not to rewrite anything
but to edit or shall we say splice together from amongst the different versions available in HoME and if needed 77 . No original writing .Just editing.

It could well be that we each want to take up the whole or parts and actually rewrite them , but this is an entirely different endeavor and outside the scope of this project.

I hope I was not misconstruing the question.


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