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Durelen, Mithadan ; what do you say to a new thread to put the
texts in ? Gwaihir thinks it will be of use so, I am fine w/ it.

Gwaihir: Have been reading some of the textual notes of M's ring lately and it becmes ever clearer to me that the annals and the last phase [II] of he Quenta therein represent the last drafts of JRRT of the Silm [in valinor] and that using 77 as base text is def. inferior in terms of using the last version as a foundation for earlier details omitted for a variety of reasons.

re: the use of the occasional word that is not in the texts or a linking phrase or sentence; in the original conception of the project this was not an option we wanted to stick to JRRT's words of one edition or another ,but w/ the express intent of it being entirely his words, the only possible [and yet to be decided] exceptions being the use of 77 ,wherein CRT may have had a hand .This was to forestall any criticism that we were rewriting the Silm. and to let the words be entirely JRRT's - granted this imposes difficulties and may even lead to the exclusion of certain texts - but so be it. That was the original agreement with M/S/and myself we have since added yourself and D and lost S.

I am still in favor of the original plan but perhaps we need a consensus building thread or some such?

Mithadan and Durelen : perhaps one of you would like to tackle the v.small 1st section [ see earlier in the thread for the breakdowns] it is all of a paragraph or 2.

I will be starting great lent this sunday which lasts for seven weeks - I will be totally offline on the weekdays ,but hope to post regularly on the w/ends.

So maybe we can get any reorganizing done oin the next few days.


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