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Pio's post - Rg

The water was cold, freezing almost. It prickled at his skin, as did the harsh soap with which hed scrubbed the stench from his skin. The old man stood at the window. The shutters were flung back, letting the fresh, morning breezes carry the last of the reek away. That troublesome host of sparrows sat on the ledge chirping at him, shaking their feathers to gain his attention. One of the bolder ones, the leader in the flying V that had assailed Rg last night, had claimed a perch on Aiwendils shoulder. His bright black eye was fixed on the younger man in a challenging stare.

I surrender, Master Sparrow, said Rg, grinning at the little brown bird. Gondor is yours, from leaf to sky. He packed his hard won prize of last night in his leather bag and placed it on the bed beside the old mans. Ill see to breakfast, he said, opening the door to the room. Just come down when youre ready. From the floor to the left of the door, Rg picked up the bucket of now dirty water and the pillowcase hed stuffed with his aromatic garments and, holding it away from him, proceeded down the stairs.

The Common Room was already starting to fill up he noted, his foot resting on the next to the last stair. Naught to do but hurry through to the door, hoping that the unsavory smell would not linger long. A glance to his left showed the young woman of last night at the bar speaking to a red-haired man he had not previously seen in the Inn. And as his ill placed stars would have it, there stood the Innkeeper, his gaze already on him as he dithered on the stairs.

Like a man delivering a suspect and distasteful package, Rg held the bundle well away from him. He fixed his sights on the main door and started boldly across the room, picking up speed with each muttered comment as he went.

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