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Childs post Radagast

"....How is it that I know her?" Aiwendil repeated Rg's initial query and glanced sidewise at his young friend, choosing his words with care. "I have known Pio a very long time. I met her shortly after I landed in this part of the world."

The old man sounded tired and hesitated for a moment, but finally picked up his story. "A distant kinsman of mine had dealings with Pio and her husband. He was using the Star to transport some folk up the river who hoped to settle along the banks of the Anduin and in the western part of the forest formerly known as Greenwood. I offered to help guide her friends northward. In recent years, I've seen her several times. She has always dealt fairly with me and, although she can be hot headed at times, I've found her to have good judgment and a kind heart. As to her personal affairs, I know little." An image of Mithadan and their three little ones, especially the impetuous Cami, slipped through his mind.

"The Skinchanger from the north? Her name is Bird. I know less of her than I do of Pio. I do know that the two women were companions on the road for some years. And Bird can be incredibly persistent when it comes to safeguarding her friends." Radagast chuckled, remembering a distant time when the Skinchanger had begged him to keep a close eye on the hobbits, at least until they were settled in.

Aiwendil's voice dropped, as though he was speaking to himself rather than Rg, "There was a time, long ago, when I thought Bird might help me accomplish an important task. A task that had been laid down for me by one in authority far across the Seas. But, alas, I did not see her for many years. And, by then, all chance of accomplishing anything seemed to have vanished. It has indeed been a while since I have even thought of her." An uneasy feeling stirred in the recesses of the old man's mind, which he hastily pushed back.

"But, come! Enough idle talk. Shall we try to arrange that passage with the shipmaster that Pio recommended?"

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