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Originally Posted by Morthoron View Post
I'm going to check with my moles to find out who exactly these staffers are. It would be nice (however unrealistic) if they moved back toward the old Middle-earth Online (MEO) model that Turbine abandoned so they could emulate WoW. Not sure how many of you were pre-Beta, but there was a whole different game being planned previously.
Yes, I remember those days. The group I was in pretty much abandoned-in-place the great little website they set up for their kinship when the found the released game was nothing like they had anticipated during development.

Originally Posted by Kuruharan View Post
We shall see.

After the Standing Stones split off, Turbine/WB have announced the impending closure of Asheron's Call and Asheron's Call 2.

Given the demise of the Asheron's Calls, a potential plausible scenario to my mind is that, as many players had feared for quite some time, WB/Turbine had decided to pull the plug on all of their MMOs including LOTRO. The LOTRO devs didn't want to see the game shut down and found an investor (or perhaps pulled together the money) to save the game via setting up their own company. It would be interesting if this theory could be confirmed.

My sympathies are with the long time players of Asheron's Call. I never played the game myself, but it had been around since 1999 (one of the longest running MMOs in history) and I am sorry to see it go.
That is sad to see somethin that started last century meet its demise. How has the LOTRO change in ownership work out so far?
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