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Thorn watched the intense young man before him. Mere seconds passed as Fastarr, as Hugo had called him, mulled over his words. A slow smile came to Thorn's face when Fastarr had asked his question. He was loyal.

"Did your lord command you? Have you completed the tasks of his command?"

"I was commanded," Fastarr replied, "to find and protect you." He glanced at Hugo. "And to have Hugo and Grogr find a place of hiding for you."

"Have you done the second part?"

"I will now! Hugo, you and Grogr are to hide this man from the Ulfing lords."

"We will do our best, Fastarr, sir."

Thorn smiled. "Now that you have fulfilled Lord Khandr's command, your first task is that which it has always been. It would be a shame if Khandr's murderer is never found out."
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