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The Eye

Susan looked at the two expectant faces before her and sighed. She didn't usually use any of her stories for herself, but Menelduliniel still looked like she wanted to cry, and Estalarion had such concern for her. This situation was probably worth giving up a story for. She began.

"A long time ago, before the Wars that cracked the world, an Elf lived in Doriath. He was nobody important, just one of the many who followed King Thingol away from the Sea when Tulkas the Mighty was leading the Elves West to the land of the Valar. His name was Helevorn.

"Helevorn lived there happily for many years, and was never unsatisfied, never wished for more than Eru had alloted him by his own choices, until the Noldor returned to the land. Then, when Lady Galadriel came to Doriath shining with the Light of the Trees, Helevorn realised what he'd given up when he followed King Thingol away from the host of Elves.

"As time passed, he became more and more unsatisfied with his peaceful life in the Forest and one day he left. He wandered in the world for several years, seeking he knew not what. All he knew was that he hadn't found it.

"He eventually found his way to the sea and in its wildness, he finally found a match for the wildness in his spirit and thus, a restless peace. He built a house there by the shore and lived there for a long time, ignoring the outside world and being ignored by it.

"He was walking by the shore one day, watching the clouds, when he became aware that he was being watched. He peered through the trees on the far side of the beach and called out to the figure he saw there. The bushes twitched, and then out stepped a woman. A tall, beautiful, dark haired Noldor.

"Her name was Culúrien. She'd followed Feanor into exile with the rest of the Noldor, but had realised how misguided he was and had run away into the wild. She'd found this beach and had been watching Helevorn forr several days, but she had been alone for a long time and was glad to have been discovered.

"Helevorn was equally glad, for he'd yearned for another voice in the stillness by the sea.

"They dwelled there together for a time and the seasons turned and Culurien was with child.
Helevorn rejoiced, but Culúrien's reaction was harder to judge.

"Then the time came and the child was born. A girl. Helevorn named her Erana, his gift from the sea.

"For five days they were happy. On the sixth day, Helevorn woke and Culúrien was gone. No explanation, no trail, just vanished. In a panic, he rushed out the door to find her, leaving the child in her cradle. Neither he nor Culúrien were seen or heard from again."

Susan stopped talking and let out a long breath. She looked around, surprised; she'd gathered quite an audience.
"What happened to the child?" Someone in the crowd asked.

Susan gave a small, tight laugh and said, "Ahh, the child. She was found by Men and raised by them. They named her-- they gave her a different name and raised her as best they could, but they were Men and she was an Elf. Her adopted mother died when she was still a child, as did many of the others in the village. She grew up wild." She took a drink of her mead and looked at the table. Even after all this time, the pain was still fresh. She looked up at a light touch on her arm. It was Meneduliniel, and she was smiling.

"Thank you," she murmured.
"Man as a whole, Man pitted against the universe, have we seen him at all 'til we see that he is like a hero in a fairy tale?"
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