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The Eye

"A toast," Susan proposed when the two Elves returned to the table, "A friendships, old and new." She raised her mug to Menelduliniel and Estalarion and drank.

"Now, she continued when they'd drunk as well, "What brought you two from Harad to here? I came because I heard the gwaith-formen were coming, but I've since heard they're farther West, in Rohan. I'll stay here for a while though; the mead is rich and the company is good." She took another drink.
She watched Menelduliniel especially. How had she known who Erana was? She hadn't connected that long-lost maiden to herself in thousands of years, and wasn't even certain now what had brought that story out instead of one which was more innocuous. She smiled at them to cover her thoughts and gave a mental shrug. It most likely wasn't too terrible that Menelduliniel had discovered her secret. As long as not everybody listening had, she could handle one knowing it.

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