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Pio watched as a seemingly magic drowse induced by Rimbaud's fowl soup crept over the patrons of the Seventh Star. 'An interesting phenomenon,' she thought to herself, 'and one which could easily be avoided if one did not partake of meats for food.' She picked an orange off the tray of a passing server (amazing how the thing needed seemed always to be close at hand here)and peeled it slowly, popping each succulent section into her mouth with great relish.

She nudged Cami with the toe of her boot and got no response except a small snore. The same with Mithadan and with Bird. Even Gandalf seemed to be nodding off under his great, pointed hat.

Pio picked the map up from the table, tucking it in her belt, and went looking for Rimbaud. She found him discussing a recipe for Meleagris gallopavo hash with the cook, a wicked smile on his face. So engrossed was he in the discussion of this delicacy that he did not hear her as she approached.

His head snapped round as she drew his attention with a polite cough. 'Excuse me, Rimbaud, but would you do a slight favor for me.' He nodded his head, his blue eyes fixed on her. 'Between the next courses of poultry and sleep, can you tell my companions from the Star I have gone out for a walk, and shall return in due time? Thank you.'

She watched in mild amusement as the cook took his cleaver to the pile of poultry scraps and pulverized them. A fierce determination to best the phoenix-like leftovers gleamed in his eyes, but still the pile lay heaped there as large as ever. Leaving him to his dogged pounding of them, she pulled her cloak tight about her and silently slipped out the kitchen door.

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