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Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Estelyn Telcontar is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

Estelyn had been wondering about the contents of the letter she had secretly delivered to Rimbaud when he accompanied her to the storeroom. He seemed withdrawn since reading it, though no one would have noticed without knowing him well. She did not ask him about it, but watched unobtrusively to see if she could be of help in any way.

She often carried messages when she travelled and had thought nothing unusual of this request, yet it seemed the letter had not been as harmless as she had considered it to be. A dark and menacing shadow seemed to hang over her friend, and she postponed her journey to aid him if possible. When she realized that he had vanished into the kitchen an unduly length of time, all her senses were alert for danger…

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'Mercy!' cried Gandalf. 'If the giving of information is to be the cure of your inquisitiveness, I shall spend all the rest of my days in answering you. What more do you want to know?' 'The whole history of Middle-earth...'
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